Wendy Kwei Makeup Artist Sydney

Makeup and me

Ever since I can remember, I have been captivated by stylish women and their flawless makeup. I used to wonder what their secrets were and how I could achieve those results!  I love showing people how to use makeup as a styling tool, a form of expression. To me the best makeup look is the one where no one can pinpoint what you’ve applied, it just looks great.

My makeup beginnings

When I started wearing makeup I wasted a lot of time and money on trial and error. I made-do with a few tips I’d picked up along the way and persisted with products that really didn’t suit my skin or features. This personal search sparked my initial desire for testing and discovering makeup brands. Now differentiating products is an essential part of my job. I love passing this knowledge on.

My makeup education

After moving from Melbourne to Sydney, I decided to embrace a career change and make my passion my job. I attended The Art and Technology Makeup College (“3 Arts”), a year-long course that is well respected throughout this industry. I was 1 of 2 people in a class of 30 to be awarded a diploma. It was an exciting time and the formal start of this journey.

My universal makeup tip

Always check your makeup application in natural light. It’s a practical tip more than a direct makeup tip, but it applies to everyone. Day light is harsh and unforgiving which means it will show up poor colour choices, unblended edges or areas where you’ve simply applied too much makeup. Once you can see these mistakes yourself they can be easily rectified.

My favourite makeup brand

Right now it would be impossible to pick just one. Besides, that’s part of the fun of being independent, getting to use the ‘best’ each brand has to offer. I am constantly updating my makeup kit when new (and better) products and formulas are released.

My makeup journey so far

I love meeting new people, working on their faces, hearing their stories and sharing my makeup knowledge and expertise. Of course it’s a buzz when I see my work featured in magazines, websites, films and TV commercials. But the biggest buzz I get is from people telling me how my lessons have positively impacted their lives. 

A selection of my makeup folio, my CV credits and my makeup blog is also available to view.  I am currently based in Sydney and divide my time between here and in Melbourne.