3 quick ways to stop your eye makeup fading by lunchtime

Posted by on Jul 26, 2012


eye shadows and eye makeup


If you’re fed up with your eye makeup fading much earlier than you intended, try adapting your makeup routine with one of these steps:

1. Use an eye primer.
It works.  It’s especially good for girls with extremely oily eye lids. The primer creates an even surface which helps your powder eye shadow grab and stay on your eye lids. It’s exactly the same principle as your blush lasting twice as long when you’ve got a foundation or primer underneath.

2. Spend a little time layering.
Pencil eye liners fade much quicker than gel or liquid liners. But if you love using them, be prepared to spend an extra minute going over the area directly with a similar coloured powder eye shadow.  It may seem counterproductive when you are doing it, but you’ll notice the payoff at the end of the day!

3. Invest in a long wear cream eye shadow.
Most brands have them and while they can be worn alone, they also work extremely well as an eye base or primer.  Depending on the colour you buy, it can also intensify your existing powder eye shadow colours.