A New Year with New Beauty Resolutions

Posted by on Dec 23, 2009

We know all too well that New Year’s resolutions are difficult to keep.  But each year at least we keep on trying!

For 2010, I am encouraging all my friends to make a beauty resolution, one they can realistically maintain.  I find it’s far easier to do this when you divide your goal into several steps.

So here are three steps that will help you make (and keep) your new year’s beauty resolution:

Step 1: Set small and specific beauty goals. By analysing your existing beauty routine you can identify the exact areas you want to improve or change. A resolution could be as simple as investing in a new foundation which you’ve been putting off all year because you find cosmetic counters intimidating.

Step 2: Set an action plan of how you are going to achieve your goal. Cosmetic counters can be daunting, so don’t be afraid to ask a friend whose makeup you like for help. Find out which brand she wears and if possible, get her to introduce you to her makeup artist.

Step 3: Set a reasonable timeframe for implementing your action plan. The probability of achieving your resolutions significantly reduces the longer you leave it. So aim high – if you can tick off one beauty resolution come Australia Day you know you’re doing well!

Here are some suggestions to get you started:

  • Wear Sunscreen.  If sunscreen isn’t your top priority (and it should be), keep spray-on sunscreens in your bag and car for quick, fuss free reapplications.
  • Be Hygienic. Switch to disposal sponges and applicators if you can’t commit to regularly washing yours.
  • Rationalise. Pull out all your lipsticks/lip glosses from every drawer, handbag and makeup bag. If you own more than three in the same shade, make a note to yourself not to buy anymore, and use that money for something else you really want instead!