Adapting your makeup and skincare as the seasons shift

Posted by on Oct 27, 2011

With spring almost over and summer almost upon us, hopefully you aren’t still wearing the same makeup you were using back in winter!  The changes in temperature, humidity and sun UV index can dramatically alter the way our skin behaves and looks. So to keep it in optimal condition, it’s essential to adjust both your makeup and skincare routine during the warmer months.

To get you started, here are five things I recommend you should do:

  1. Check your colours: Make sure that the foundation you are using matches the skin you have now. Even with incidental sun exposure, people with olive undertones can tan at least one shade deeper during the warmer months and would need a separate foundation for summer and winter.
  2. Switch formulas: Once humidity sets in, it’s time to stop using cream based blushes and foundations if your skin is prone to spots. Tints, gels and powder formulas will allow your skin to breath and are an excellent substitute.
  3. Use shimmer sparingly: Don’t double up on shine by applying illuminating products where you naturally produce it! Try to limit products with shimmer to your eyes, cheekbones and temples and avoid the t-zone.
  4. Increase your SPF level and coverage: Always wear a 30+ broad spectrum sunscreen and apply it to your face, neck, chest and hands.
  5. Exfoliate more regularly. The combination of wearing sunscreen daily and dead skin on the surface of your skin can quickly lead to blocked pores and breakouts. Exfoliating weekly is an essential step to keeping your skin smooth and bump free.