Age defying makeup for mature skin

Posted by on Aug 22, 2014

Age Defying Makeup

I’m often asked about age defying makeup, and when you should start using it. The truth is biological age actually means very little when I’m applying makeup on someone. I meet women who are 50+ yet look closer to 40 and 20 year olds who could pass for 30. I don’t focus on age, I focus on the skin.

I do believe there are certain times in life when internal and external factors can have a dramatic impact on your skin and face. By external, think of relocations to a different time zone or season, and by internal I mean hormonal shifts like puberty, pregnancy, or menopause. These factors will show up, in varying degrees (everyone’s different!), on your skin making it appear more delicate and transparent, and pores and wrinkles more obvious. So if you’re using the same type of makeup as you were 5 (or 10..!) years ago it will probably now look too thick.

Like most BB and CC creams, the benefit of some age defying makeup is that it offers a finer and thinner consistency. It’s this texture you need to look for as your skin changes and matures. The reality is that you can get this in most brands regardless of what the bottle says or the age group it is (or isn’t) marketed to.


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