An image that sticks (Part 2)

Posted by on Nov 12, 2008

Becca Foundation stick

So if you’ve read Part 1, maybe you’re (a little) more interested in trying a foundation stick?!

As I mentioned before, foundations sticks are not for every skin type. In particular, they are mostly compatible with skin that’s not extreme – not overly dry or too oily. This eliminates some of us, but not everyone.

Like any product, the consistency does vary across the brands. Below are my three favourites, in no particular order. Each has some subtle differences worth considering.

  1. Becca Stick Foundation (pictured): A good option for skin that leans towards the oilier side of ‘normal’. It is amazingly available in 30 shades and has an SPF 30.
  2. MAC Studio Stick: Out of the three, it builds to full coverage the easiest. It has an SPF 15 and a good price point.
  3. Bobbi Brown Foundation Stick: The yellow undertones means this colour range suits a broad range of people. It’s the moistest of the three – a plus for slightly dry skin. It doesn’t include sunscreen which is a benefit for flash photography.