An image that sticks (Part 1)

Posted by on Oct 22, 2008

Becca Foundation stick

I am often asked what foundation I use, and I get a very surprised reaction on days when I use foundation in a stick form. What comes to mind when you think of a foundation stick?

For a lot of people, foundations sticks remind them of old-school full coverage theatrical makeup. In contrast, liquid foundations are favoured by most people because they believe it gives them a more natural look.

Foundation sticks are like the forgotten sister in the foundation family. Liquid foundations are continually renamed and repackaged (“smooth skin”, “super balanced”, “luminous skin” etc…). And yet foundation stick is a name that has stuck.

While it’s not for everyone (there will be a Part 2!), the foundation stick is definitely a product worth trying. The colour ranges are great and some come with an SPF. It’s a buildable product (sheer to full coverage), without the messiness of a liquid.