Another hot week

Posted by on Feb 2, 2009

Prickly heat is another not-so-hot side effect of summer. It’s a heat rash that is caused by blocked sweat glands when our bodies react to high temperatures. The name comes from the feeling associated with the rash – one of intense prickling. The rash itself appears as small clusters of red bumps.

If prickly heat appears on your body, it’s easy to deal with by wearing loose, cotton and natural fiber clothing. When the rash is on your face, you need to ensure the skincare and makeup products you use aren’t exacerbating the problem.

If you are going to wear makeup over a heat rash, here are a few dos and don’ts:

  • Choose oil free and powder based makeup. Moisture rich formulas will only block your sweat glands further.
  • Mineral powder makeup is a very good option for sensitive and irritated skin.
  • Keep your colour palette matte. Makeup containing shimmer will highlight raised and uneven areas of your skin.
  • Think twice about using pink toned makeup, as it will enhance any redness that may already exist.
  • Less in this case is definitely more. Apart from risking further irritation, wearing more makeup will draw attention to the rash affected areas.