Applying your makeup indoors

Posted by on Apr 4, 2014


Indoor lighting

Good lighting is essential to achieving a great makeup application.

While every makeup artist will tell you that natural light is best, the reality is that most of us apply our makeup indoors when the sun isn’t even up!

When you’re using artificial lighting to put on your makeup there are two things that are important: the quantity of light directed to your face, and the colour of the globes.

Most people make the mistake of using yellow (or warm toned) light globes to apply their makeup in.

While this colour is great for flattering mood lighting, it’s not the one to use for makeup. Yellow light lulls you into a false sense of makeup security because it absorbs colour. This means that everything you apply indoors looks muted and subtle but when you do the outdoor daylight check you may have put on a lot more than you actually need to! Instead look for white ‘daylight’ globes that that are designed to mimic natural daylight. They will reflect a neutral mix of cool and warm tones.

If you’re not sure what your current lighting situation is, a quick and easy test is to hold a clean white piece of paper to the light.

If the white paper doesn’t look true to colour, you know that your makeup application could be compromised too.

Pictured above is one of the winning ensuites from The Block Sky High. It features a Hollywood-style makeup mirror. One judge commented on it being the perfect lighting for makeup application. While the volume of front lighting is fantastic, I wonder if they fitted it with yellow or white globes?!

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