Australis Colour Corrector in Gold

Posted by on Jun 15, 2011



As a makeup artist, it’s not unusual for me to use makeup products in different ways. Australis’ Colour Corrector in Gold (pictured left) is a perfect example of this. It’s sold as a makeup colour corrector but I use it to illuminate the face.

According to the packaging, the product is supposed to “correct under-eye shadows, dark pigmentation and bruising”. But as soon as I tried it, it was obvious that the liquid consistency and sheer gold colour made this product too light-weight to disguise or counteract any facial discolorations.

It does however work very well as an illuminating product. The light reflecting particles aren’t too shimmery or glittery and the product blends easily on clean skin. It’s ideal for brightening dark areas of the face, like the inner corners of the eyes, and highlighting high points like the cheekbones.

At $10.95 it’s definitely one of the cheapest and well formulated illuminating products around, even if it is marketed as a corrector!  So check it out next time you’re in a Priceline store.