Blue on blue on blue!

Posted by on Feb 24, 2012

Danni Minogue MakeupBlue eyes + blue eye shadow + blue dress: it’s not a combo for the faint hearted!

But then gorgeous Dannii Minogue has never shied away from bold, bright or fun in the makeup department.

Seen here at the recent David Jones Autumn/Winter ’12 launch, Dannii went all the way with matchy-matchy. And I think she pulled it off!


Here are the key things to remember if you want to emulate this look:

Get the eye shadow colour and texture right. I’ve written specifically about eye shadow to match your eye colour before. Dannii’s eye shadow (while difficult to see in this photo) is actually 1-2 shades deeper than her eye colour, and matches her dress exactly.

Consider the lighting you will be in. Artificial evening lighting is more forgiving than natural daylight. So it’s the perfect time to try out bold eye colours you haven’t used before.

Keep the rest of your makeup, hair and accessories simple. The colour repetition of your eyes, eye shadow and outfit will be enough to visually absorb!