Brow tool savers

Posted by on May 27, 2009

300-300-brow-brushWell groomed, defined brows will open up your eye area, frame your face and may even be youth enhancing. But eye brow tools don’t come cheap. A kit containing tweezers, a brow brush, clear brow gel, a brow pencil, brow shadow and an angled brush for filling and shading, will set you back at least $200.

But you don’t need to limit your brows to brow-only specific products. General cosmetic products are often cheaper than the specialist products and can work just as well. Here are some non brow specific products I use on on a regular basis, not just in these tough times:

- Instead of investing in an eye brow brush, use a tooth brush instead. It’s a fraction of the price and performs the same function. Its inexpensiveness also means you’re more likely to replace it when it gets gritty – important for hygiene.
- Skip the clear brow gel in place of hair spray. Mist a small amount of hair spray on your brow brush (or tooth brush) and comb through brows for a similar taming effect.
- Eye shadows and brow shadows aren’t remarkably different formula wise. If you can find an eye shadow that also suits your brow hair, use it for both.