Brush aware

Posted by on Mar 4, 2009

Synthetic makeup brush

Are you vigilant with cleaning your face morning and night, but don’t give a second thought to cleaning your makeup brushes?

Using dirty makeup brushes on a regular basis is a big disservice to your clean skin. Over time, makeup build up on your brushes can lead to bacteria which can then transfer to your face and makeup bag. This can cause surface irritation on your skin presenting itself in the form of a rash or small pimples.

While it’s not essential to wash your brushes daily like your face, provided you don’t share them with your friends, they do need to be washed regularly. As a guide, synthetic brushes, used for foundation and concealer, need to be washed every week. Whereas sable brushes, used for powder based makeup, only require cleaning once to twice a month, depending on your usage.

A good time to wash your makeup brushes is in the evening. While cleaning only takes minutes, sable brushes in particular can take hours to dry and are best left to air dry overnight.