Colour matching for flawless foundation

Posted by on Feb 10, 2012


Seasonal Makeup

A properly matched foundation is one you don’t even notice: when your face, neck and body are unified in colour.

If, like a lot of people, your face is paler in colour than your body (or vice versa) it’s not good enough to check that the foundation colour matches the skin on your face and leave it at that.  You need to be able to look at the bigger picture, the whole you. Getting the colour right is often harder than it looks and most people I know have chosen the wrong shade at least once in their life.

So here are some of my tips for how to match your foundation colour in these instances:

When your face is PALER than your body:

This often happens when using gradual self-tanning products, or in the summer months when you have been applying sunblock on your face more than your body.

Colour matching tips:

  • Match your foundation to the colour of your body. This means choosing a foundation that is darker than the natural skin tone of your face. While it sounds scary in theory (!), in reality it’s the best way to ensure that your face, neck and body end up the same colour.
  • Apply the foundation all over your face, neck and other exposed pale areas.
  • Check that the foundation is flash photography friendly. If it’s not, the foundation itself can cause the pale face look that you are in fact trying to correct! Avoid foundations containing high levels of zinc and titanium dioxide. While they’re excellent sunscreen ingredients, they aren’t usually compatible with the flash of a camera.

When your face is DARKER than your body:

Most commonly occurs with girls of colour, who naturally have olive skin undertones. Even with sun protection, UVB rays manage to sneak through and tan your face a shade or two darker than your body.

Colour matching tips:

  • Match your foundation to the colour of your face and not your body.  Don’t attempt to lighten the colour of your face by using a pale foundation. It’s the quickest way to leave your skin looking ashy, ill and aged.
  • Apply the foundation (or a bronzing powder) to warm up your neck and décolletage so that they are closer in tone to the colour of your face.