Diluting your makeup look

Posted by on Oct 11, 2012

Coco Chanel’s mantra to “take one thing off” before leaving the house works when it comes to fashion accessories. But if you’ve been heavy handed with your makeup application and need to lighten some of it up, it’s hard to remove or reduce part of it without affecting the rest of your face! Spot removing some areas with makeup remover is also not a good solution as it can leave your application looking patchy and often worse than when you started. The trick is to dilute the intensity of the colours you used which will immediately soften your look.

Here are some easy and quick ways to do this:

Foundation that looks too heavy, artificial or powdery:

Dampen a makeup sponge with bit of water (always squeeze the excess out) and dab it over your face. This will push the foundation into your skin and lift any excess off. If you have dry skin, rub a little moisturiser onto your fingertips and press gently onto your face. Avoid spritzing your face with water if your foundation has a high concentration of SPF as it could cause the foundation to streak – leaving you with another problem to fix!

Blush that looks too obvious and bright:

For a powder blush, go over the area with a clean blush brush dipped into some loose, neutral coloured face powder. This will immediately dilute the intensity. For a cream blush, blot your cheeks with a tissue first to lift any excess colour. Then go over the area with your foundation brush or a little foundation on your fingertips to neutralise the blush colour.

Eye liner that looks too dark or harsh:

The quickest way to soften eye liner is with a clean cotton tip. Simply rub over the area (in one direction only) to lift the product off. Dampening the cotton tip with water (always squeeze the excess out) can help lift dense liner provided it isn’t waterproof. Reapply a neutral coloured liner on top to tone down the look .

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