E-Salon Shoot

Posted by on May 24, 2011

E Salon Shoot Makeup


There are some shoots that have a timeless appeal.  For me, this is one of them.

The vision and concept was created by Emiliano Vitale (of e-Salon) for his 2008 Hair Expo submission and shot by Peter Tabor.

Emiliano’s aim was “to emphasise the strength of lines in each haircut while embracing each model’s individuality”.

The makeup brief was dramatic and simple. We agreed on a strong eye makeup focus, while playing down everything else. Emiliano gave me the creative freedom to change up the look for each model and I think that gave us the best result for each girl. I could tailor the makeup to suit her individual style and facial features.

The key products used to create this makeup look were:

Skin: lashings of MAC Face and Body Foundation in White to whiten and brighten the skin. It’s an amazing product for layering and I stippled it onto the skin. Obviously the images were further adjusted in post, but even without that, this product did lighten the skin a few shades.

Eyes: Bobbi Brown gel eyeliner in Black. This product never seems to dry out or flake, so there is no time wasted on cleaning up makeup fall-out.  MAC false lashes -bought in full lengths and trimmed.

Contouring: I used various shades of grey eye shadow to contour and shade the eye area and cheekbones. You really need to know how the images will be adjusted in post. These were desaturated, so grey tones worked.

Emiliano was a finalist that year, and the full collection can be viewed in my Makeup Folio.