Eyeliner on your lower lash line

Posted by on May 17, 2011

EyelinerApplying eyeliner to your lower lash line is one of the easiest ways to add definition to your eyes. But if it’s applied poorly, it’s also one of the quickest ways to accentuate under eye bags, make eyes appear smaller than they actually are and overpower your entire makeup look.

The above image is from a shoot I did a few years ago. My intention with this makeup was to define the model’s eyes while not taking attention away from the main focus – her red lips. I used a Bobbi Brown pencil in black and dotted it between her lower lashes right across the entire length of her eye.  While this worked on our model, not everyone can or should wear eyeliner exactly like this.

So here are some of my key tips to help you tailor your application of eyeliner to suit your individual features:

  • Factor in your eye shape

The amount of eyeliner you should apply is proportional to your eye shape. If your eyes are close together or small, avoid lining the entire lash line (inner to outer corners of your eye). Instead concentrate the colour on the outer corners. If your eyes are widely spaced, focus the liner towards the inner half of the eye. This avoids elongating your eye which will make them appear even further apart.

  • Start light :

It’s easy to be heavy handed if you intend to draw one solid line. Instead try using small, short lines to apply the liner. This will create the illusion of a solid line but without it looking harsh or severe. You can always go back over the area to increase intensity.

  • Choose your colour carefully:

While black is strong and dramatic, avoid it if you have very dark under eye circles or prominent facial veins – it will only bring attention to them. Opt for a brown, grey or navy tones instead.