Eyes wide open

Posted by on May 31, 2013

Eye makeup

Do you spend time applying eye shadow (or any eye product) on your eye lids only to look in the mirror and realise that most of it can’t be seen?

It’s usually the case when you have little or no visible eye lid area: when the area from your lashes to your eye brow is flat. This eye shape is common to Asian eyes and also Caucasian people with hooded eyes.

If you have this eye shape, there is no point attempting to apply your eye makeup by holding your lid down, or even tilting your head back, because once your eyes are open, most of the application will have disappeared. Instead, look directly into a mirror at eye level and mark where you want the eye shadow to be placed, while your eyes are open. This way you’ll know exactly how high and how far out to take the eye shadow so that it can be seen. If you like creating the illusion of a socket line and depth, it’s the best way to do that too.

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