Foundation: meet your match tool

Posted by on Jun 20, 2014

Foundation Matching Makeup

I don’t know many women who actually enjoy shopping for a new foundation. Typically most women fall into the rut of repeat purchasing until the foundation colour or makeup line is discontinued. Women of colour have an even trickier time because they are faced with a limited colour choice. So to combat this, cosmetics companies are constantly trying to think of new ways to encourage consumers to make the switch.

The presence of makeup apps and website tools in the past few years has certainly had an impact and helped minimise the reluctance we feel when changing foundations. Iman Cosmetics ‘Meet your Match’ makeup tool (pictured above) is the perfect example. Basically you find your existing foundation from a selection of brands* (Black Opal, MAC, Fashion Fair etc), and then you’re matched with a corresponding Iman foundation colour.

While these tools may seemingly make things easier, it’s always best to use them in conjunction with seeing the product in person and trying it on your own skin. Remember matching tools work off the assumption that you’re currently wearing the right shade of foundation to begin with. If you’re not, you’re only going to be matched with another incorrect shade! Also the colour in a screen shot is limiting and it’s hard to see the undertone of a foundation. And if you get the undertone wrong, you’ll have another kind of makeup mishap on your face: ashy, dull looking skin…

* key competitors for the Iman brand