Foundations for darker skin tones

Posted by on Jul 6, 2011

Foundation for darker skinIt often surprises me how many makeup lines still don’t appeal to a global beauty market. Allocating two or three foundation colours (in an entire range) to people falling in the colour spectrum of Asian, Indian or African-American skin just doesn’t cut it.

Thankfully the industry has come a long way since the 1980s when pink based foundation was commonly (and incorrectly) used on women of all colours.

Here are three makeup brands that I regularly go-to because the colour range is extensive and the foundations look natural on women with varying degrees of red and yellow in their skin.

BOBBI BROWN:  The foundation range is impressive in both the colour and texture department.  There are twelve different formulas (for oily, dry, combination skin) and twenty yellow based shades.  If your skin tone is close to Salma Hayek’s or deeper, there are still ten great colour options to choose from.  I like the fact that the colour range has been revised several times and extended with half strength mixes.   My favourite formulas are the Oil Free Even Finish Compact Foundation and Foundation Stick.

BECCA:  It’s the stick foundation in this line that is the star performer.  There are thirty well formulated shades and over half of these can be worn by people with skin tones like Freida Pinto’s or darker.  The only drawback is its texture: being a stick foundation it can feel quite heavy if you have very oily skin.  It is best suited to people with normal to slightly oily skin.

MACMAC’s colour coding unintentionally confuses a lot of people but their shades are solid.  Basically the foundation range is divided by skin undertones: with pink represented by the “W/NW” and yellow represented by the “C/NC”.  There are ten different formulas each having a colour range between eighteen and twenty-four shades. Again over half of these shades are catered to women with darker skin tones.  The Face and Body Foundation is one of my preferred formulas in their range.