Gift Giving 2013: Eye makeup palettes

Posted by on Dec 2, 2013

Buying a makeup gift for your friends and loved ones often isn’t as easy as it looks. So with Christmas only a few weeks away, the next few posts will be dedicated to gift giving. Hopefully they will steer you in a helpful direction!

I’ll start off with four of my favourite holiday eye makeup palettes. I’m always in two minds about giving makeup palettes as a gift. While they are such a beautiful gift to receive, it concerns me that only about a third of the palette ends up being used (I hear and see this often in my makeup lessons). Sometimes it’s because the person doesn’t know how to use the other colours (a visit to the counter or a makeup lesson will fix that), and sometimes it’s because it doesn’t actually suit their skin tone. So I’ve specifically chosen these next four palettes because of their universal appeal and neutral mix of colours in both cool and warm tones.


Crime of Passion Eye, Cheek & Lip Palette AU$86

Just one quick peek into most makeup artists’ kits and you’ll see an array of NARS products. It’s hard to go past these pigment rich products. This palette is exceptional not only because it’s on-trend eye colour-wise, but it also includes some versatile staples, Laguna bronzer and Deep Throat blush. The lip gloss is the cherry on top.

Laura Mercier

Luxe Colour Wardrobe AU$98

Laura Mercier
Laura Mercier’s chic and tightly filled palette is definitely designed to keep both cool and warm toned girls happy. It contains eight eye shadows, three cake eyeliners, two blushes, a bronzer, a pencil eyeliner and four versatile mini brushes. Wow right?! The true beauty of the packaging isn’t properly reflected in this image. You have to see it up close. This book-style makeup palette is well designed and so compact considering how much makeup it really holds.

Bobbi Brown

Old Hollywood Palette AU$125

Bobbi Brown Cosmetics
The palette alone oozes style and sophistication. The mixture of textures (matte, shimmer and glitter) amongst the nine eye shadows is well considered. By now you probably know that Bobbi Brown is not your go-to brand for neon pops of colour. But you can be confident that the palettes she puts together can transform your makeup from the office to the evening in a few steps.

L’Oreal Paris

Colour Riche Quads AU$23.95

L'Oreal Paris
L’Oreals Riche Quads are the only palettes that aren’t limited edition (at the moment at least). But they really are too good to not include on your shopping list. There are eight different colour quad options, each in cool, warm or neutral tones. While most of the eye shadows are a shimmery texture, the pigment is rich and the shadows work well when used wet or dry. Grab one or a few and fill those stockings!