Say goodbye to shine…

Posted by on Oct 10, 2013


It’s a challenge keeping oily skin and open pores at bay, especially when the temperature soars (37 degrees celsius – hello Sydney!). For oily skinned girls, the best defense you’ve got once summer hits is to keep your pores clean (regular exfoliation) and your skin matte. It’s the shine that draws attention to the area and makes pores look bigger than they are.

Here’s a makeup technique I use when working outside, in the heat, with HD cameras. But you can easily do this in your normal, day-to-day routine to keep shine at bay too.

Rather than using a blot powder to maintain a matte skin tone (there’s only so much powder a face can take), I use a mattifying primer on top of the makeup. Yes you read that correctly. On top! Most people use pore minimising and oil-control primers underneath makeup, but that doesn’t help you once the makeup has settled in after a few hours and you’ve started to shine up. So by stippling the primer on top of the makeup you can diffuse the shine and open pores without disturbing the makeup at all. It’s virtually undetectable to the naked eye and HD camera.

I carry a lot of oil free primers in my makeup kit, but my go-to product at the moment is Paula Begoun’s aptly named Shine Stopper. The good news is you can order a sample size first and see how your own skin reacts.

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