Green concealers: how to use and do they work?

Posted by on Aug 24, 2011

Recently I’ve had a few people ask and email me about green concealers, how they should be using them, and if they actually work.

First things first, despite the name given by some makeup companies, green concealers aren’t in fact concealers at all. They are actually skin tone correctors. They work by neutralising and reducing any redness in the skin. For people suffering from rosacea or acne they are a great option when traditional yellow based concealers and foundations simply aren’t doing the job sufficiently.

Secondly and most importantly they are not a finishing product – meaning they aren’t meant to be seen. So don’t use them alone or top of your foundation – or your skin will look green! Always apply the green corrector underneath your other makeup, and then carefully layer your foundation, skin toned concealer and powder (to set your makeup) on top.

Most brands have them but I usually use either the Makeup Forever HD Primer in Green (available at PM Studio, the Graftobian Redness Remover or the Kryolan Dermacolour Camouflage green cream.