Guys need to wear sunscreen too

Posted by on Aug 5, 2009

300-300-Guys-need-to-wear-sunscreen-tooFrom my experience it’s hard enough to get guys to wear sunscreen every day in summer, let alone now that we are in winter. The guys I know commonly complain that sunscreen feels too thick and greasy on their skin. Often it’s because they haven’t chosen a sunscreen that’s tailored to their skin type. Guys just don’t have the patience to test a few products in the search for a sunscreen texture that they will like.

So to help our male friends and partners protect their skin as much as they should, here are some products I recommend.

For guys with combination or oily skin, it’s essential to choose a formula that is matte, light weight and fast absorbing. Try:

  • Neutrogena Oil Free Moisture SPF15
  • Nivea Sun Spray SPF15+
  • Dermalogica Solar Defense Booster SPF 30

Guys with normal to dry skin can afford to combine their sunscreen with a moisturising base. Try:

  • Nivea Men Protective Moisturiser SPF15
  • Ego QV Man Moisturise SPF 30+
  • Ultraceuticals Protective Moisturiser (untinted) SPF30+

All these products are just as good for girls to use, even though some are labelled for men.