I see purple

Posted by on Apr 8, 2009

Gucci Makeup 
This image is from Gucci’s Spring/Summer 09 campaign. It’s actually advertising the sunglasses but I’m more interested in the eye makeup! It’s a dramatic and stunning look that works well in high fashion and under perfect lighting conditions. But if you’re new to using purple or bright eye makeup colours this look can be daunting even intimidating to apply. So the key is to take inspiration from this look and then adjust your application to an intensity you’re comfortable with.

Here are a few ways how:

1. Start with a softer shade of a bold colour. For instance, ease into a purple eye look with a lavender eye shadow first. Softer shades are more forgiving for those who are under confident with their blending technique.
2. Experiment with the amount of eye shadow. In the Gucci image, the eye shadow was applied from the lash line to above the socket area, in a solid block of colour. It’s very all or nothing! If you want a more understated, romantic look, try concentrating the colour near your lash line and fading it gradually to your eye socket.
3. Skip the coloured eye shadow altogether in favour of coloured eyeliners or mascaras. Both products pack a punch of colour but in a very contained way and with even less chance of application errors.