Lines on our face

Posted by on Jan 28, 2009

Have your sunglasses left tan lines on your face? We all get wrinkle lines on our face, but tan lines?!

Tan lines on our faces caused by sunglasses are almost as common as bikini tan lines on your body. Large sunglasses are especially to blame. They cover a large percentage of our face, and can make us even lazier applying and reapplying sunscreen. If you don’t reapply sunscreen regularly and thoroughly, this can easily result in horizontal tan lines from your sunglasses running across your cheek area.

If it’s already too late and you have sunglass tan lines on your cheeks, smart application of makeup can help solve your problems.

Here’s a technique that will reduce the contrast in your cheek area:

  • Using a sponge or brush, layer a sheer, liquid foundation to your upper cheek area. Repeat several times until you’ve built up enough depth of colour to match your lower cheek area.
  • Lock in liquid foundation with translucent powder.
  • Dust bronzing powder (with SPF) carefully over face avoiding edges where the sunglasses end.
  • The key is to focus on applying colour to the upper cheek area (beneath your sunglasses) to match the lower and warmer cheek area below your sunglasses. The good part is that if you look after you skin, tan lines will fade, and you won’t need to use this makeup technique forever.