Lunch time shopping

Posted by on Oct 1, 2008

Do you shop for lipsticks in your lunch break and end up with a drawer full of colours you never seem to wear?

If this sounds familiar, chances are the tone is not right. Changing your lipstick is one of the easiest ways to alter your makeup look. But for the colour to work it needs to suit your skin undertones.

To properly test lipsticks, your makeup needs to be minimal (or better yet, none) and you should set aside time to try a few. Instead try make-up shopping on weekend mornings when the counters are quieter. Make sure you’ve kept your makeup application minimal and be prepared to test the lipstick on your lips. Your lips have a distinct undertone to the rest of your skin (like on your hands or wrists) which will change the colour of the lipstick. For hygiene, the lipstick tip should be scraped and sprayed with alcohol. The lip brush should be cleaned by the counter make-up artist.

If the tone is right, you can wear even the most dramatic shades successfully.