Makeup AT the beach

Posted by on Dec 8, 2008



Some of us like to wear makeup everyday, even if it’s only lip gloss and mascara. If this describes you, bearing all (as in no makeup!) when you’re hanging out at the beach becomes a challenge. To add to this, beach makeup is one of the trickiest to master.

Successful beach makeup is largely down to product choice. Avoiding products that encourage sand sticking to your skin is a given (lip gloss, cream blushes etc). Most importantly, and where things get tricky, is wearing makeup that is durable (will stay put) when sunscreen is applied on top of it. With sunscreen reapplication every two hours, most of our regular makeup would struggle. Yet this is where tints and gel based products are perfect.

  • Face Gels: For colour without stickiness, try a face gel like Stila’s Sun Gel. While it doesn’t replace a foundation, it will provide some coverage and add warmth to your skin tone. This one is lightweight and water resistant.
  • Mascara: It goes without saying this must be waterproof. MAC’s Splashproof Lash is one worth trying. The formula will hold up at the beach but extra effort is required when removing it, so limit your usage accordingly.
  • Lip and Cheek tints: Multi-purpose tints like Benefit’s Benetint are waterproof, sheer and work best when you have little or no make-up on. Application does take a little getting used to as tints absorb quickly into your skin. However once it’s on you will literally forget you’re wearing it – again very beach-worthy.