Makeup and rhythmic gymnastics

Posted by on Aug 9, 2012

When it comes to rhythmic gymnastics, it’s usually the makeup that gets people talking rather than ability of the performers themselves*.  These girls do amazing things with their bodies, hoops, batons, balls and ribbons. It’s a shame that for so many people, the ‘game face’ that the girls wear, detracts from the hours, months and years they spend refining their skills to compete at this level.

While I don’t personally like the volume of makeup or colour choices worn, I do understand where they are coming from. Unlike other athletes, rhythmic gymnasts are also performing artists. They are used to wearing makeup as a tool to embody their art and enhance their features when seen under bright lights and at a distance. The makeup that is applied is done specifically for the auditorium, where the judges will see them. Unfortunately, no consideration is made for how the look translates on our TV screens, which is why it appears so heavy, mask-like and bright.

While theatre and TV are two very different makeup mediums, it is always possible to find a balance.  Highlighting and shading techniques can achieve an enormous amount of depth and definition. Neutral toned makeup colours are obviously less distracting than a palette of primary coloured eye and lips shades! Ultimately, the makeup-in-moderation rule that most of us follow in our daily routine is equally important on stage as well.

*Growing up the same could be said for calisthenics!