Makeup Gift Idea: colour switch

Posted by on Jul 14, 2014

colour switch“Colour switch” by Vera Mona is a great little makeup gift or addition to your own makeup bag. It was shown to me by a client (thanks Sandra!) recently and I couldn’t believe it hadn’t been created earlier. It’s perfect for someone who enjoys using different makeup colours but only owns a few makeup brushes. For example using the same brush for blush and bronzer, or blending a smoky eye with 2-3 colours using just one brush. With “colour switch” you simply swipe the brush over the stippled sponge and it quickly removes all colours from it and you’re ready for the next product. It works unbelievably well and is practical and quick.

A lot of people on the net have been quick to dismiss this product because it’s basically a stippling sponge (that makeup artists use typically for special effects), in a cute tin. But unless you want to go out and buy these two things separately yourself and create your own, it’s a great option.

A word of hygiene caution: while “colour switch” removes the product from your makeup brush, it doesn’t disinfect them. So continue to clean your brushes with a brush cleaner at least once a month, or more, depending on your skin type.