Makeup in minutes – quick tips for busy mums

Posted by on Oct 18, 2011


Being a busy mum doesn’t mean you can’t make time for makeup. After all, it’s the quickest way to add freshness and colour to a tired face. The key is to know which areas of your face to spend time on and which make-up products give you maximum impact for minimum time. Most mums I know are so run off their feet that spending any more than five minutes on makeup each morning isn’t realistic. So with that in mind, I’ve put together some simple and effective makeup tips that literally take one to two minutes each to do. Try slipping a couple of them into your morning routine and notice the difference it makes to the way you look and feel!

Groom your brows.

It’s the one make-up step that will instantly make you look polished and it’s so easy to do. Benefit does a great brow kit called Brow Zings. The kit includes all the tools you will need: a brush for combing your brows, natural-shaded powder for filling gaps, tweezers for stray hairs, and a mirror.

Invest in an under eye concealer.

It’s literally the quickest way to cheat the look of an eight hour sleep! Finding the right shade may take several attempts but it’s well worth it in the long run. Always sample before you buy, and check the colour at home in natural day light. MAC’s Select Cover Up and Bobbi Brown’s yellow toned Creamy concealer are great products and a good place to start.

Revive dull or tired skin with blush.

There is simply no makeup substitute for blush. It quickly adds warmth, colour and “life” to the face. Choose a formula that agrees with your skin type. If you have normal-to-dry skin, cream based products work well. I like Bloom’s Sheer Colour Cream and Stila’s Convertabile Cheek Colour. Or if you have oily skin, steer towards cheek tints and gels like Benefit’s Benetint or powder based products instead.

Define and accentuate one feature simply yet effectively.

Eye lash curlers, mascara and eye liner are a quick yet effective way to open up and define the eye area in under two minutes. A bright lipstick can also transform and refresh your look easily. I love Revlon’s Colour Stay Ultimate Liquid Lipstick. You won’t need to worry about the colour rubbing off for at least 6 hours!

Use your fingers when you can. 

Just make sure you wash your hands before you apply your makeup. Brushes and sponges need regular weekly cleaning – adding just another step in your already busy schedule.

Look after your skin – it’s your make-up canvas.

Keeping your skin in good condition doesn’t require a lot of time or money. Simple steps like removing your make-up every single night, moisturising daily and exfoliating weekly make a big difference to the texture of your skin. It’s also essential to wear an SPF every day to keep sun damage, pigmentation and unevenness at bay. Ultimately, the happier you are with your skin, the less you will rely on makeup.