Michelle William’s makeup for Louis Vuitton Fall ’14

Posted by on Aug 29, 2013


Michelle WIlliams Makeup for Louis Vuitton


Makeup artist extraordinaire, Stéphane Marais, executed Michelle’s flawless makeup in Louis Vuitton’s recent Fall ’14 campaign. As you can see the makeup look is crisp, clean, edgy and most importantly balanced. I’ve written about balanced makeup before, and essentially it’s where the makeup doesn’t dominate one feature alone. Michelle’s strong lips are offset by exaggerated eyebrows and chiselled cheekbone contouring.

It’s easy to fall for photographer Peter Lindberg’s images and believe that this dramatic makeup look is easy to pull off. But without his artful lighting, illuminating one’s features and angles in the best possible way, this makeup can easily look overpowering. I recommend saving it for an evening event when you know you’ll be in the company of flattering, artificial, evening light! And if you’re going to be around a lot of food, switch the lipstick for a dramatic lip stain instead.