Nail Art

Posted by on Mar 16, 2012

Nail ArtRecent runway trends have dramatically influenced the way we do our nails: the effort we put in and the art we put on.

Nail art is just another way to express your individuality and it’s an easily accessible one! You don’t need a steady, artistic hand to achieve complicated designs, or spend hours in a salon getting it applied. With stick on nail polish strips, anyone can achieve runway ready nails in minutes. Kit Cosmetics and Sally Hansen (pictured) have a good range to choose from at an affordable price point.

Not convinced? While you may want to reserve some of the more glitzy designs for fancy dress; there are plenty of simple, classic designs too. I find these ones perfect for impromptu occasions when I want my nails to look “dressed”, but simply don’t have time to wait for two coats of colour, plus a top coat to dry.