Nude is the new hue

Posted by on Feb 15, 2013


Butter London Nude Nails

If the SS’13 catwalks are anything to go by (and they usually are!), bright, neon coloured nails and nail art are finally starting to tire.  As fashion would have it, the big new nail trend is of course the exact opposite to the last with the must-have colour now being nude!

With everyone and every brand having their own take on what nude/ flesh-toned/ foundation coloured nails should look like, I’m a fan of Butter London’s new range (pictured). They have catered for three shades of nude: a pink based tone, a neutral and a yellow based option.

As someone who never really embraced the nail art trend to begin with (my excuse – it’s too high maintenance) I’m all for welcoming some understated glamour back to our nail beds.