Often overlooked – the synthetic makeup brush

Posted by on Nov 23, 2011

Synthetic makeup brush

Most makeups artists would agree that a good collection of brushes is an investment: essential to making your application flawless and blending (like a pro) possible. When it comes to selecting the kind of brush to use, synthetic brushes are often overlooked in favour of natural hair bristles (like sable and goat). But they shouldn’t be. Synthetic brushes have very different qualities and deserve a place in everyone’s makeup kit too. Here are some of the pros of using them:

  • They don’t absorb makeup. A big plus and the reason I started using them in the first place. Liquid and cream products were quickly being sucked into my sable brushes and it was such a waste! I regularly use taklon (synthetic) brushes to apply gel and liquid eyeliner, concealer and lipsticks.
  • Easy to clean, disinfect and quick to dry. This follows from the fact that they don’t absorb product or water.
  • Relatively inexpensive. Over time synthetic brushes do lose their shape much faster than a natural haired brush. But replacing them won’t break your bank account. Some of them can even be picked up at art stores.
  • Great alternative for people with allergies. In particular some people with animal allergies can find natural haired cosmetic brushes irritating. Ecotools available at Priceline stores do a good range of synthetic brushes for the entire face.