On the nail

Posted by on Dec 3, 2008

Now that December has hit, I’m in gift giving mode. I’m sure you are too, with Christmas and the holidays just around the corner.nail031208-229x300

Unfortunately, make-up products aren’t the easiest gift to give. Unless you’ve done your homework, and found out your recipient’s preferred brands and colours, it’s easy to get it wrong. And if you do, often the gift can’t be returned for hygiene reasons.

Even something as basic as nail polish can be a little tricky gift giving wise. The skin tone (and undertone) on our hands (or feet) affects how the polish colour appears. What looks great on you may not be a great gift for someone else.

So you can imagine my excitement when I stumbled upon this OPI site – an oldie but a goodie. The “try-on-this-colour” tool (pictured right) features a hand where you choose the hand’s skin tone and nail polish colour. While the skin tones are only available in 5 shades, they do range from porcelain to deep olive. Using this guide, you’ll definitely be closer to ‘nailing’ a gift that’s well received!