Plum Perfection

Posted by on Jul 12, 2013
plumWhichever way you look right now, deep plum-berry lips are the makeup must-have. While it’s a fantastic contrast to the greys and blacks that dominate our winter wardrobe, be aware that the intense colour will throw your regular makeup look out of balance.

So here are my three tips for how to adjust your makeup and wear this look well this winter:


1. Apply your lip colour first and eye makeup second.

Most people make the mistake of doing their regular makeup look and then simply adding the strong lip at the end. The whole look ends up heavy and dated. By doing it in reverse, you can adjust your eye makeup as you go, ensuring that your eye makeup enhances rather than competes with your lips.

2. Spend some extra time concealing and correcting your skin to ensure an even base.

Berry and plum tones will quickly bring out any (unwanted) red and purple undertones in your skin, so make sure key areas like around the nose, the eye lids and under the eyes are concealed adequately.

3. Avoid your makeup looking gothic-like by using blush to balance out the look.

It will reintroduce warmth to your skin that the intense lip colour has taken out. If you have normal to dry skin, you can pop the same lip colour directly onto your cheeks for a sheer stain. If you have oily or combination skin, use a powder blush in a similar undertone to the lip colour.

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