Powder re-education

Posted by on Feb 16, 2009


Setting powder is one of the most difficult makeup products to convince a girl to use.  Most people consider it an inferior product, an unnecessary step. But ask any make up artist about setting powder and they’ll all tell you it’s a very essential step.  Concealer, foundation and blush does not set by itself and the fine setting powders available today won’t draw attention to fine lines or wrinkles.
Here are some reasons why you should wear a setting powder:
1. It will lock in the colour and the product on heavily concealed areas, like around your eyes or on blemishes.
2. It removes shine (read grease), essential in photos or on film.
3. It will increase your makeup’s staying power ten-fold.

Some practical application tips:

1. On small areas use a powder puff.  Always dust the excess powder off the puff on the back of your hand first.
2. On larger areas use a powder brush for a speedy and fine application.
3. In my kit, I always carry MAC’s Blot Powder.