Sephora Sydney

Posted by on Jun 11, 2014


It’s great news that Australia’s first Sephora store is opening in Sydney later this year! But what everyone’s been talking about is whether they will price match with the US and will we get the complete range of makeup products.

Yesterday’s Australian Financial Review article confirmed part of the pricing situation. Sephora will be “matching US prices, rather than local prices, for brands new to the Australian market”. While the jury is still out as to which brands will fall into the “new” category, it’s safe to assume that Sephora’s own makeup line will be included. This is exciting and positive news for us Aussie makeup consumers who, up until now, have been taking our makeup purchases online and overseas. Why?… because of the knock on effect. Hopefully what we’ll start to see is brands that are already here reducing their prices in order to stay in the game and compete.