Shimmer me happy

Posted by on Dec 22, 2008

eye shadows and eye makeup

I spent a relaxing afternoon yesterday at a friend’s Christmas picnic. The weather was perfect and the outdoor location meant makeup took a back seat. The one makeup product that almost every girl wasn’t without (me included) was a shimmer. We were all after the luminous, light-reflecting (hide our Saturday night sins), sun-kissed look that only a shimmer can give.

Perfect shimmer application is all about balance. Given it’s such an easy product to apply; most people underestimate how easy a product it is to overdo.

Here are some easy shimmer tips to follow:

  • For beginners, choose one feature you want to concentrate the shimmer on. Be it your face, eyes, cheeks or lips. Shimmer everywhere IS excessive and yes your face will resemble a Christmas tree decoration if you do so!
  • For more experienced shimmer users, you can make up more than one feature, but keep balance in mind. For example shimmer on the eyes and lips looks great with a natural base and cheeks.
  • It pays (in time) to be light-handed with your application. While it’s easy to add more shimmer, it’s not so easy to remove it. Trying to reduce the shimmer you’ve already applied often means washing off all your make-up and starting again.
  • Clean your brushes between each application. Or easier (but pricier), use a seperate set of shimmer brushes  and keep them in a different area from your other brushes. Once shimmer is on a brush, it will transfer to your face even if you didn’t intend it be there!