Transitional seasons

Posted by on Mar 18, 2013

Seasonal Makeup

We’re already three weeks into autumn (where is this year going?!) and by now you may be noticing that your summer foundation is starting to look a little dark and your skincare feels a little light on moisture.
The in-between seasons are important for reminding us that our skin changes daily, not just at the turn of a season! So while you may be used to wearing different foundations for summer and winter, now’s the time to learn how to adapt these products during the transition months.

Mixing a new custom colour: If your summer/winter foundations are the same consistency (eg. liquids), try mixing them to match the colour you have now. Check the colour in natural light and mix enough to last you a week. It’s easier and more achievable than mixing each morning before you go to work.

Diluting: If you like the warmth and glow that your summer foundation gives your face, try diluting it with moisturiser. It’s a much better way to achieve a realistic tint of colour as your natural tan fades.

Concealing: Winter foundations are handy for spot concealing provided they are only one shade lighter than your base colour. But be aware, if the colour is too light, it can highlight the very thing you are trying to conceal!