Posted by on Dec 1, 2008

summertime011208Happy summer’s day – it’s the first day of summer – yay for weather, nay for hair – frizz!

It’s also the start of party season with some serious party dressing! So if you’re reluctant to wear your little strapless or backless dress because of uneven body skin, give yourself a helping hand with some body make-up.

Don’t be fooled by block coverage products like spray tans. ¬†They are not made to even out uneven skin tones. You’ll be left with the same unevenness, just a shade darker.

Here are some easy tips for tending to uneven body skin:

For effective evening of skin tone, be prepared to layer a few products.

  • Start with a body tint like MAC Face and Body Foundation. Apply a sheer layer to the entire area.
  • Next apply a concealer (the same texture for covering pimples) on darker areas. The concealer must be the exact same shade as your body (after your body tint). If the colour is too light, you will draw attention to your uneven skin. If the colour is too dark, you will be worsening the unevenness.
  • To avoid make-up transferring to your clothes, powder generously after your body make-up application. Any powder will do. Maybelline (available in supermarkets or Priceline) offers a good range of compact powders at reasonable prices.
  • For hard to reach uneven areas like your back, engage the help of a good friend and reciprocate the favour!