The Cleanser Part 2: what are your priorities?

Posted by on Sep 15, 2008

Choosing a cleanser is as much about priorities as it is about price.

Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Are you convenience focused? Face wipes are great for when you’re time poor: backstage, emergencies or holidays. However in the long run, using them every day is an expensive option. Many of them can also be overly fragranced (which is not good for any skin).
  • Are you brand loyal? Do you use one brand for all your skin needs (regardless of price)? Loyalties aside, there are no proven skin benefits of choosing a cleanser from the same maker of your moisturiser or make-up brand.
  • Are you price conscious? Cetaphil is a great product (with a great price tag) that doesn’t claim to do anything more than cleanse. A lot of people recommend it but some people don’t like it. The low lathering formula does take a little getting used to. If you’re removing make-up be prepared to use a face cloth and cleanse twice.