The mineral way

Posted by on Oct 8, 2008

Recently I’ve met a lot of people with a preference for mineral makeup. What interests me is why they’re wearing it. It’s not necessarily because mineral makeup is a star performer in makeup terms. It’s because they feel they’re choosing the healthier makeup option, that mineral makeup is better for their skin.

It’s not surprising they feel this way. Many mineral makeup brands are available at beauticians and organic food shops, enhancing the idea that it is the natural alternative. And some claims go so far as to say it’s good enough to sleep in.

Mineral makeup gets its name by its earth mineral ingredients, titanium dioxide, zinc oxide and mica. It has removed a number of artificial ingredients such as fragrance and preservatives, making it a great option for people with specific allergies and sensitive skin. This doesn’t mean that mineral makeup is the answer to everyone’s differing skin needs. Or that it is a better choice than other makeup lines.

All makeup undergoes a chemical process and mineral makeup is no exception. Finding makeup that suits you and agrees with your skin type is a matter of trial and error. Going to bed with your makeup on is never good for your skin and that goes for when you’re wearing mineral makeup too.