The skin under your fringe

Posted by on Jun 17, 2009

Rooney Mara Fringe

Fringes can make dry foreheads oily and oily foreheads problematic. If you have a thick fringe, I’m sure you’ll agree that maintaining clear skin on your forehead can be a challenge. The hair on your forehead coupled with hair styling products can create havoc in that area.

When you get a fringe cut, you need to adapt your existing routine to the changed the conditions of your fringe area. The moisturiser that you were using may now be too rich for your forehead. And makeup doesn’t survive well under the weight of the hair.

So to keep things clean and clear (literally), I recommend using skincare and makeup products on your forehead sparingly. Concentrate on washing your fringe as regularly as possible; simply section your hair so you don’t wash it all. And when you have to use products around your fringe area, keep them oil free and matte.