Three quick ways to avoid the (foundation) mask

Posted by on Apr 5, 2012

Avoiding the foundation Mask

The first step to a flawless face is that your foundation looks like your own skin, only better. With all the well formulated foundations now available, there is no reason that anyone’s foundation should enter mask-like territory!

So if you’re confident you’ve found the right product for your skin, here are three quick checks to make sure your application is not letting you down.

    • Only apply foundation where you need it.

For most people this means concentrating the product on the centre of the face to even out redness or pigmentation. There should be very little foundation left on your brush (or fingers or sponge) by the time you get to your hairline and jawline.

    • Think fresh, not flat and matte.

An overly matte foundation can be mask-like because it doesn’t reflect light the way your natural skin does. This can be hard to avoid if you have very oily skin. So the best way to counteract a matte foundation is by using a blush or bronzer with a subtle shimmer in it. This will stop your skin looking completely flat without making it oily.

    • Check your lighting.

Good lighting (preferably daylight) is best way to keep your application in perspective in terms of how much you use, where you apply it and making sure that the colour still matches your skin tone.