Tips for applying blush

Posted by on Sep 21, 2011

Applying Blush


Blush is one of the quickest ways to add warmth to the face. When it’s applied correctly, high on your cheekbones or the apples of your cheeks, it can lift and highlight your skin. But when it’s applied too low on the cheeks or too close to the nose, it will drag your face down, accentuate jowls and draw attention to smile lines.

Unfortunately a lot of people get relaxed with their blush application and end up getting the placement wrong. So here are a few dos and don’ts to help you keep your blush placement accurate every time:

  • Do:  use a brush that is slightly smaller than the apples of your cheeks. The complimentary brushes that come with blush compacts are too small for your cheek area and make blending difficult. Large powder brushes aren’t good either. They spread the colour out too wide and too low.
  • Don’t: smile when you’re applying it. When you smile your cheeks are higher than they normally are, so if you apply blush then, it will always end up lower on your face than it should be.
  • Do: blend up and out. Whether you’re using a brush or a sponge, use outward blending strokes that go in the direction of your hairline. If you like to apply your blush in circular motions, make sure you swirl back towards your ears rather than down towards your nose.