To spritz or not?

Posted by on Feb 25, 2009

Some makeup artists recommend spritzing your face with a mist (like an Evian facial spray) to refresh your makeup during the day. But it’s definitely one of those areas where we’re divided…

Spritzing is not something I do very often. While the mist of water does feel refreshing and can make your skin look moist, once it dries (which happens quickly in summer), there is no change or improvement in your makeup – how could there be? On the flip side, there’s a nasty possibility that your skincare and/or makeup will streak or spot when the water is sprayed on top of it.

For me, spritzing doesn’t compare with other ways of refreshing your makeup like touching up concealer, topping up your cream blush, or reapplying your lip products. But if you want to give spritzing a try, my advice is to try it at home first, rather than in your lunch break straight after your purchase! If your makeup does react, at least you can wash it off and start again. Streaks are more common when the foundation includes an SPF ingredient.  To get to the bottom of any spotting or streaking, you will need to test all your products one by one, starting with you moisturiser.