Posted by on Apr 13, 2011

Vindictive Editorial Makeup

The team:

  • Photographer: Ikwa Zhao
  • Fashion Editor: Mitch Steed
  • Fashion Assistants: Aimee-Marie Satumba & Jessica Wilcocks
  • Female Model: Leiden @ EMG Models
  • Male Model: Keiran Deane @ EMG Models

I love the intensity and edgy feel of this shoot. When I came on board, Mitch and Ikwa had already spent a lot of time in pre-production, sourcing the location and knew what they wanted to achieve.

We agreed that Leiden’s makeup should be bold and dramatic. Her face is certainly one that can pull it off. To accentuate her angular bone structure I kept the hair slick with loads of gel.

The key makeup products used for this look include:

  • Brows: Theatrical Wax and Dermacolour Concealer. On the day of the shoot, Leiden’s brows weren’t thick but they were darker than we wanted for this look. So I blocked them using theatrical wax.  The wax makes a great base for applying makeup to. Then I applied concealer to ‘erase’ the colour.
  • Contouring: Estee Lauder’s Blush in Nude Rose.  I wanted a colour that would pick up both the pink and yellow undertones in Leiden’s skin. This product worked well and was punchy enough to be visible.
  • Nails: Revlon’s Gold Get ‘Em and OPI’s Black Onyx.  While this wasn’t a nail or beauty shoot, I decided to stay on trend with 2010′s obsession with two toned nails. We managed to get one great close-up shot where you can see her hands!

You can see the full editorial in my makeup folio.