Waste not

Posted by on Feb 4, 2009

I often talk about how you can use body products on your face and the same is true in reverse – face products on your body. It’s not something I’d recommend doing out of this context though because face products are on average a lot more expensive than body products!

Take sunscreen. Most of us use one for our face and one for our body. While the active ingredients are mostly the same, it’s the texture that’s usually different. In general, face sunscreens are harder to get right, especially because skincare goes under it and makeup is applied on top of it.

So what happens when the sunscreen you’ve bought for your face isn’t any good? Rather than letting the face sunscreen reach it expiry date only half used, why not try using it on your body instead? Provided there’s not a major issue with the product (allergy, zinc-whiteness), it’s amazing how much more we can put up with on our body (eg slightly greasier formulation).

Only yesterday I found three near-full bottles of face sunscreen that for various reasons didn’t pass the face test. They do however work well on my arms, legs and tops of feet. The things we do in tough times!